Kitchen ready in your bag

As our Curry-O products are processed with the innovative technology under 50 degree Celsius, this results in our outstanding, innovative and high quality products with authentic aromas, incredible flavour, and exceptional texture while fully-packed with the natural nutrients.
Our exceptional array of fine seasonings consists of: Curry Powder, Seasoning Powder, Instant Cooking Kit, Food Ingredient

Curry Powder

Curry is the richest dish of Thai cuisine. It is unique in the use of ingredients with great fragrance, incredible flavour, and medicinal benefits.

The ultimate collection of Thai culinary lies in our variety of curry powder products:

Instant Cooking Kit

Herbs are used in daily cooking throughout Thailand, which makes Thai food so unique and globally renowned as the most delicious, tasty and distinctive food in the world!
Curry-O offers a variety of curry/sauce powder with carefully selected dried herbs and some with distinctive coconut powder in the instant cooking kit form:

Food Ingredient

Food ingredients have been used for many years to preserve, improve the flavour, thicken and colour food. Curry-O has offered food ingredients that are flavourful, nutritious, natural, safe, and convenient as listed:

Seasoning Powder

Fully-packed with flavour and fresh taste, Curry-O sauces come in powder for easy and instant cooking:

Curry-O is 100% natural. No artificial colours and flavours. No MSG. No preservatives. It comes in powder so it is easy and no hassle to cook. Curry-O is kitchen ready in your bag!